Tiffany Dixon


I wanna tuck that hair 

Behind that ear

But I don’t dare

Not as long as we are here

Not in front of prying eyes

And people who mistake truth with lies 


I wanna watch as you watch me 

And keep you enticed 

Take the key 

Make sure to be precise 

Because once we take this too far

Those people might think we are bizarre 


I wanna have you close 

Don’t ever leave this bed

I need another dose 

Our bodies heavy like lead

From all exhausting activity

Happily your prisoner, held in captivity


Fingers on my face

Showing off my best lace

You promise to undress me 

Remember, this is how we get free

Greedy hands tracing head to toe

Maybe we aren’t friends, but I’m not a foe

My name is Tiffany Dixon but I go by Tiff. I am twenty years old. I am currently going to AB Tech and working a job. I have been writing poetry since I was 14 or 15. My muse comes from my own experiences and reflections of my life.