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Looking to submit your creative work?

Unfortunately, The YEW Journal is not currently accepting any submissions. Feel free to read our guidelines, but it is unknown when we will be opening our submissions again at this time.

We are looking for stories written by young writers (roughly, ages 12 to 25) which engage us, interest us, and connect us with others. We love stories about romance, technology, historical events, communities underrepresented in literature, and everything in-between!

You have two options when submitting creative work to the Young Eager Writers Association. 

The YEW Journal

This is our literary arts journal. We accept submissions on a rolling basis. It is free to submit, and we offer basic editing for grammar and punctuation mistakes to ensure a clean published work. Due to the high demand for more extensive editing and critique for submissions, we now provide a stronger system in which you can work on your craft before submitting to us. You can have your best final draft published! We recommend that if you have a piece of writing you would like to workshop with an editor before submitting it to The YEW Journal, check out the Beta Reader Program. Make sure to check out our first published issue in The YEW Journal!

The Beta Reader Program

If you are looking to get a piece of your creative work edited and critiqued by a member of our team, then this program is for you! We have a strong group of young writers at the ready to help you perfect your craft. We want this to be a good step into the publishing world for young writers so that they can experience the team editing process.


Each month is a different theme, and we want you to test your skills! This is a fun and competitive opportunity for you to showcase your talents. Our contests are totally free and open up the 1st of each month for submissions and close a week before the end of the month to give our judges enough time to read your creative works! Winners receive publication and promotion across the YEW platforms. Check this out if you're looking for a little extra writing fun and an extra publication under your belt.

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