Hannah Ward

A Song For The Sea


Sing a song for the sea, 

And for the girl who watches its waves.

She cries for her love and cries for her loss,

The love left on land and life left at sea.


Sing a song for the sea,

For the kingdom forever lost from memory.

Of all those on land, 

Save the girl whose salty tears fall into the waves.


Sing a song for the sea

And the girl hums along to its melody.

She stands on feet of broken glass and legs of splintering wood.

She sings a song for the sea.


Sing a song for the sea,

And remember this lesson. 

A bargain made is a bargain kept,

And wishes can lead to misery.

Hannah Ward is an English education student at UNC Greensboro. She has a passion for literature and teaching, and hopes to bring the art of creative writing back to public school curriculums. In her spare time, she loves to read and write YA fiction and fantasy. She is a 2021-2022 Artist in Residence for the Lloyd International Honors College and a writer for The Navigator at UNC Greensboro. In the future, Hannah intends to publish a novel and a few short stories.