Desirée Brown

A Poet's Fate


Orpheus—eyes of lyric, heart of harmony, mind
of music—what omen could have aided your faith?

Orpheus, hellbound, caution your mind ahead.
A plague wanes and re-erects itself in checked time.
Death will come regardless, but you’re the agent
to send your sweet Love back forthwith.

Orpheus—eyes of curiosity, heart of peril, mind
of mistrust—what forced your gaze behind?

Eurydice, hellsent, will you forgive his doubt
before forgetting what love you had for him?

Desiree Brown ​​is a poet & writer from Charlotte, NC. She received her B.A. from UNC-Charlotte and her M.F.A. from New York University. Her work has appeared in Hedge Apple Magazine, Unlikely Stories, The Woven Tale Press, Sanskrit Literary-Arts Magazine, and The Scene & Heard Journal. She teaches college courses in English and Creative Writing and manages the Young Eager Writers Association.