Deborah Rose Green

Polarity, a poetry collection

Peace of Mind

On we go and up we go
             In heaven and in heart.

I told you so, I told you so,
             Happy is an art.

I love you now, I always will
             So let that be your peace.

From sun to moon to stars until
             You’re settled like a breeze.

The Sweet Shadows

Standing in the doorway
Open to the dark,
I know there’s someone watching.
I feel it in my heart.

In the midnight graveyard
Unsettled spirits fly
And far below, beneath the dirt
Rotting corpses lie.

A spectre in the black abyss,
Hidden in the earth.
A ghostly echo, ghoulish laugh,
Can’t die after its birth.

And now I stand confronted
Unwillingly, face to face,
With an antique adolescent
And a stone-cold murder case.

Her face is pale porcelain,
Teeth baring for a fight.
All she wants is justice
But I can’t help her plight.

Emerge from sweet shadows.
Face the light of day.
Ghost girl you do scare me.
Kindly go away.



Meaningful, musing memories
Full of stardust,
Full of hope.

It’s not through strength of muscle
But of mind that
She can cope.

Scarred Children Make Destroyed Adults

I clutch the dagger in my heart,
Then rip it out and bleed for art.

Wretched soul as peace is pure,
A meagre word, so cold, unsure.

Trauma’s trendy as aesthetic.
Not too much, though, that’s pathetic.

A sibling is a second heart
Who’s fallen, broken right in half.

Hand in hand, my heart, her mind,
Like a ribbon, frayed and kind.

I whispered dreams, she yelled her fears.
Both too afraid, beyond our years.

And then we circled on our own.
We screamed together, so we’ll cry alone.


Flutter by
Without making a sound.

You fly high
In blue sky
And never touch the ground.

Your wings are gold,
Your secret’s old
And not yet to be found.

So flutter by
Without making a sound.

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