Damien Holland


Two serifed Xs on my birth certificate

have marked my future to the letter and

stripped me like the eyes of passersby.

But now, a needle pricks my birthing hips

and sweet nectar wraps one X’s leg,

just as honey clasps to a warm spoon.

At least then I can trick the letters enough

to hear the world call me Sir in passing.

          Hugs and Kisses,

               liquid testosterone


transitional haikus

A child’s story:

her words are youthful delight, 

her thoughts are dark clouds.


The light finds his face.

Pricks into his skin–relief,

now grateful for life.


Rain on sunny days,

find comfort in change. With time

they have found themself.

Damien Una Holland (they/he) is an emerging queer, trans non-binary writer who has a heart for YA fiction and poetry with a focus on queer rights, sexual health, and body positivity. They graduated from UNC Asheville with a BA in Creative Writing amidst the pandemic, with their cat, Marley, by his side. His work has appeared in Headwaters Creative Arts Journal, ode to queer, odyssey, Sanctuary Literary Arts Journal, and Unwritten in a variety of fiction, poetry, nonfiction, and creative nonfiction. Currently, they live in Asheville, North Carolina and is Editor-in-Chief of the Young Eager Writers’ Journal, helping other young writers get their footing in the editing and publishing world.