Anita Ukaenwe

Everyone’s Involved

10th September 1876 

    In the darkness of the night, with a dying candle quaking in my palms, I snuck into his office where no one dared to go. The silence allowing me to hear the trembling flame, I exhaled. There it was, spread out across the wooden desk, the almost complete map of Africa. Beside it was a letter: 

    Dear Léopold II, we must find the last location first for nearby, there is an abundance of rubber. Rubber. The thing my father would ruin our family name for. Commit genocide for. Abandon me for. An owl hooted in the distance. 

    Then, my eyelids jittered. Pointing the flame of my candle towards his map, I watched it burn to ash. The fire also began to devour the desk. 

    Now there was no map, so there could be no Brussels conference and no conference meant less evil. 

    I glided out of the room like an Angel, my white robe unaffected by the soot. "Everyone, wake up! There’s a fire,” I screamed. 

    The air began to strangle me, and I collapsed onto my knees. But death meant nothing if I had set people free. 


Anita Ukaenwe is a writer who aspires to become a famous author in the near future and therefore is currently working on her first book. Her work mainly consists of fiction, however she also writes poetry as a means to express herself with the overall goal of enlightening, inspiring, entertaining and comforting those who read her work, spreading positivity and also learning and reading other amazing stories as well.