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About Us

The youth is the future

The Young Eager Writers Journal is a home for inspiration, innovation, and voices of all kinds. At YEW, we aim for inclusivity and strive to publish work by talented, earnest, and daring young writers. Our team of young editors and writers operates this literary journal with the mission to create the spaces they wish to see within the literary world.

Our Story

The Young Eager Writers Association, founded by Desirée Brown, provides resources, opportunities, and networks to young writers. The YEW Journal was established in July 2021, but its idea was born in 2018. The original vision was to exclusively publish work by young writers who attended the association's annual writing conference, but that vision soon expanded. With Desirée's drive, Damien Holland's brilliance, and a dedicated team of editors, The YEW Journal now serves young writers around the world.

Meet The Team

Interested in joining our team?

The YEW Journal is always looking for impressive young writers to join our editorial team. To apply, email your résumé or CV to us.

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